Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Please follow the links under this heading for specific tips and tricks to help you with Windows 10!



Both of my main computers are now on windows 10. I think it is a fantastic Operating system.

However, to give you some background on me to put this in perspective, let me share a few things

1) System Administrators are ALWAYS very conservative on what they put into production. for this reason, work will continue to run Windows 7 this year, and move to Windows 10 next year. (I blocked any chance of ever seeing any version of Windows 8 from being run)

2) Personally, I went 2 years before moving from Windows 98 to Windows XP to give time for programs to become compliant. I never ran Millennium Vista or 8 at all. I waited a full year before moving to Windows 7 and continued to run some XP machines until just before its retirement.

3) By the end of the day tomorrow, ALL machines in my house that are used regularly will be on Windows 10.

4) I am judicious (to put it mildly) about pushing out new updates.. especially entirely new operating systems. But windows 10 is that kind of good.

BUT DON’T JUMP TOO FAST!!! The update can be trickier than it sounds. so hang tight til I get a chance to write more. But take my words for it… If you like Windows at all, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE WINDOWS 10. and if you never liked Windows.. well, you may become a convert!