Turn your computer off, or let it go to sleep?

Today’s tip concerns the age old question “Turn my computer off or let it go to sleep?” Like everything there are 2 sides to the situation. I think it is wiser to put it to sleep instead of shutting it off. However, here are both sides of the story for your amazement.

Pros of turning it off
ZERO power consumption when a sleep
“fresh boot” potentially fixing problems that have cropped since last time the machine was rebooted
If your computer has any kind of issue, turning it off is always step one in troubleshooting.

Pros of letting it go to sleep
Very quick resume when lid is opened or mouse or keyboard are touched
Very low power consumption (although higher than off, it is still negligible)
prevents “flash burnout” of components when power is first applied (think of an incandescent light bulb. 95% of the time, they burn out when turned on. Rarely, do they blow in the on position while in use.)
Same level of security as OFF computers. (any compromised computer can be turned on remotely with a single keystroke. Unless you unplug it and pull the battery, turning it off provides no more security.)
Read the pros and cons and make the decision that best suits your needs. Any more questions? Please feel free to ask me. I am always here and willing to help.