Android Task Manager

Do you notice your battery seems to drain faster after the phone has been on for a while, and that after a few you simply have to restart it? The problem is most likely active programs in the background. when you go back to your home screen, you do not really end a program, you just push it to the background. so, if you use your phone often, you could have a dozen or more programs still active in the background by days end. Of course, they do this to “help you” so apps frequently used load faster. But in truth it just allows the phone to drain its battery and run hot in your pocket.

Press and hold the HOME button. This starts the task manager app. From this screen you can swipe away each individual program to end it, or choose “close all” at the bottom.

I do it every time before putting my phone back in my pocket. That way, instead of wasting time and battery doing something I probably already forgot about, it sits truly idle and sleeps.