MacOS “kinda sorta” Task Manager

There is no keystroke or button combination to bring this up as in all of the other operating systems, but it is able to be found in 2 ways.

1) If a program is not responding and you wish to close it., go to the Apple in the upper left hand corner and choose “Force quit”. Alternately, you can right click or two finger click on the icon of the program in the Dock and choose “force quit” as well.

2) Go to Applications->Utilities->Activity Monitor. Here you can do most things possible in the Windows Task Manager. These including view running programs and processes, and ending a program or process. Use this if you believe you have a program that is still running and you wish to end it.

PLEASE NOTE: “X’ing out” of a program does NOT automatically close the program in MacOS as it does in Windows. The program remains active in the background. So take care to end programs correctly or your computer will slow down.