The REAL speed of your machine

Windows has what it calls the “Windows Experience Index.”  It is supposed to tell you how fast your computer is.  But does it really tell the whole story?    Let’s take a look.


here are indeces of 2 different machines:






Pretty easy right?  Obviously, the first computer is faster than the second.   But is it really?  Let’s look inside these numbers.
(btw. 7 is the fastest the index gets)




A closer look shows that the second machine actually has a faster processor, faster memory and faster hard drive access times.  So why does it get such a lower score overall?

The Windows Performance Index is decided by the SLOWEST benchmark it sees, not the fastest.  The second machine has a slow video card, so that brought its overall score down.  Will you really notice?  If you’re a gamer, absolutely!  However, if you are the average user, you will not notice at all.  In fact, the second machine will rightfully seem quicker.

So, once again, this proves that benchmarked speed means little when getting a PC.  You should upgrade ONLY if YOU feel it is too slow.  not just because some number tells you so.