Secure Your Wireless!!!

In this world of mobile technology, we all access the Internet from wherever we are. But do you know how we do this? and is your home network properly secured? Let’s find out.

What are the ways i can connect with a cable connected to my device?
There are 2 ways.
-Mobile Data networks (your 3G or 4G connection)
-Wireless access points

What is Mobile Data Network Access?
This is the internet access provided by your Cell phone company. You usually pay by the gigabyte of data used. There is not much to say about this. Your service provider will keep your relatively secure. Just make sure you run an antivirus of some kind on your mobile device as well.

Wireless Access Points. I know what those are, but….
Most of us have a wireless access point in our homes now. However, does yours require a Wireless password to connect to it and have you changed the default Administrator password to get into it? Many come “ready out of the box” which really means they are not secure at all. At very least, your should set WPA2 security on your wireless access point to prevent other people from using it. Additionally, you can filter by MAC address so only YOUR machines can access it at all. Some have times schedules. Set yours to turn off every day when you are at work. I will happily discuss all options with you. But it is important to secure your wireless connection.

Pfft… I got nothing to hide! Let them connect to my network!
If only that were all you had to worry about. Yes, it is true that some will break into your network to steal your personal information, but there is a much more insidious use for stolen Wi-Fi connections.

Umm.. there is?
Yes, there is. I will assume I do not have to outline the long list of evil, illegal and reprehensible things that some people use the Internet for. Well guess what? ,They never do it from their own Internet connections because they don’t want the FBI showing up at their door. They use a proxy or steal someone else’s connection. So the real question you have to ask yourself is…Do you want the FBI showing up at your door?

low hanging fruit
No need to panic! Really! There are so many unsecured wireless access points out there, that all you really need to do is make yourself not the “low hanging fruit.” If the bad guys find you have security enabled, it is quicker and easier for them to move on to any of the dozens of others right around you that do not than it is to break into yours.

How about other public WiFi hotspots.. like in restaurants?
Just be careful. Any could have sniffers on them to steal your information. Keep it light on a public wifi. Check your Twitter. don’t bank or buy anything. Large companies like finding an “Xfinity” connection is better than agreeing to connect to “Joe Shmoe’s Hot Spot.”

I hope this was helpful and did not freak you out too much. smile emoticon I am happy to help anyone who would like to secure their homes properly.