WHERE IS MY PHONE? an awesome tip of the day for the 85% of us who use Android

So, ever misplace your phone? My son did 2 days ago. And he had also uninstalled the tracking app I had put on it and turned the sound and vibration off. and he searched for it for hours with no luck. So we are in trouble right? wrong!

Follow these steps
1) Open up Google.com
2) In the search box type “Where is my phone?” (no quotations)
3) A map will appear and it will ask you to verify your user information. This is the e-mail address on the phone and is necessary to stop just anyone for search for you and finding your exact location.
4) Enter the info and a map will appear showing you exactly where you phone is. You can ring it from there as well. If the ringer is off, it is automatically turned back to full volume and will ring for 5 minutes. and, unlike “find my iPhone” from Apple,. this feature CANNOT BE TURNED OFF OR DISABLED.

2 minutes later, we found it. 🙂