Tips of the Day


Di you know that the TYPE of computer you buy makes a huge difference as to whether it can even be updated? It’s true!

Let’s go over them type by type:

DESKTOPS: Normally easily upgradeable. There large size makes for easy work. You can add more memory, swap out or add Hard Drives, upgrade the video cards, etc. THESE ARE YOU BEST CHOICE FOR LONGEVITY OF USE

LAPTOPS: Varies by model, but most are relatively upgradeable. There small size means the Video card is built-in, so it can not be changed. Likewise, the processor, monitor and motherboard are fixed so they can be replaced, but not upgraded. However, the Hard Drive can be swapped out for a larger one and more memory can be added easily enough.

ULTRA BOOKS: Very much NOT upgradeable. Their small size means that everything is placed in such a way as to make working on them virtually impossible. The newest MacBook Air was the first computer ever to garner a ZERO out of 10 from in ability to upgrade. Even the Hard and Memory are hard wired in. PC ultrabooks can be just as difficult.

TABLETS: iPad – not at all. Android – Somewhat. Android tablet have USB ports and an SDCard reader. This allows you plug in external devices and add more HDD space easily. I bought an Android tablet with just 4GB of space, and stuck in a 32GB SD for a fraction of what it would have cost me to buy a 32GB iPad. The iPad is what it is. No external ports. No SD card. Buy what you need because it is all that you can get.

I suggest that you go to to see if your computer is at all upgradeable. Also, check it out BEFORE you buy your next computer. A little research can save you a lot of money. The knowledge can also help you to know if the repair tech you choose is being honest with their pricing.

I hope you found this useful. Have a great holiday!



So…wanna know if you should fix that old computer or just get a new one? Well, of course, the best way is to have a professional look at it (the repair could be very inexpensive), but here is a general guide.

1) We want to believe our computer appreciates in value like our house, but the truth is, it depreciates more like our cars. figure, it loses 1/2 of its value every year. So, a $1000 laptop is worth about $500 after the first year, $250 after the second year and $125 after three full years. If you 10 year old car is totalled, you get what it is worth now, not what it costs to replace it.

2) This year’s top-of-the-line processor is next year’s middle-of-the-road processor and the next year budget processor. So, to get the exact replacement of a 3+ year old computer, expect to pay about 1/4 of the original cost.

3) Does the replacement part cost more than 1/4 of what you paid for that 3+ year old computer? If so, you can buy the same speed BRAND NEW for less money.

WHY DO I GIVE OUT THESE TIPS (when it probably costs me money)? It is the right thing to do. I appreciate when people treat me right. You give what you wish to receive. Money is not everything.

I hope you found this tip helpful.


Free software and the COPYLEFT….. Yes, it is real

Everyone has heard of copyright. But, did you know that there is another kind of licensing called copyLEFT? It’s true.

There are a large group of computer geeks (you know, like me) who believe that companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Apple should not be allowed to make obscene amounts of money off of their copyrighted software, so they invented the GPL (Gnu Public Licensing) Agreement. The GPL says, put simply that it legal to use their software as long as you DO NOT CHARGE for it. In fact, there are stiff penalties associated with actually charging for your software!

These “copyleft” programs run the gamut form Antivirus and firewalls to Office Suites, Graphic design programs, etc. Most are as good, if not better, than the copyrighted programs they try to replace.